How To Sign Out Of Netflix

In this article we will discuss “How to sign out of Netflix”. Because as we all know nowadays netflix is becoming more popular among all the people. People are using netflix basically for watching movies, web series and different videos.

How To Sign Out Of Netflix On Smart Tv

Netflix is nowadays available on every device in this world and which also includes your smart TV. When you’ve set up Netflix, it should always remember your details and keep you signed in always.

Moreover, there must be the reason when you will need to sign out of Netflix on your smart TV. But on the other hand, someone else wants to log in to netflix, or you are trying to sell the TV. For any reason, it is very simple to log out of Netflix on any smart TV or on a smartphone. Here are some steps to do so.

  1. First, open the Netflix app. If you are not already signed in, go to the home screen, which you can easily get by continuously pressing the Return button on your remote.
  2. After that press the Left button on your remote to open the menu.
  3. After that press the Down button on your remote until the Get Help window is popped up, then you will need to press the Select button.
  4. Then, press the Down button on your remote until the Sign out window pops up, then you will have to press the Select button.
  5. You will also be asked if you are sure that you want to sign out or not. Then at last, You will need to press the Select button to make it confirm.

You must be aware that there are some menu options to Reload Netflix and Exit Netflix. Note that none of these will help you in signing you out of your Netflix account, but instead prefer reload or close the Netflix app.

How To Sign Out Of Netflix

How To Logout Of Netflix On Windows

  1. First of all, open your browser and then type This will automatically open the Netflix website. If you are already logged in, you can also be taken to the profile selection screen or directly to the Netflix library page.
  • If you are using the Netflix app from the Window Store, then to view Netflix videos instead of the Netflix website, reach out the next section.
  1. After that you will have to click your account name in the upper-right corner. This will directly open a small menu with your Netflix profiles and some account options also.
  2. Then select “Sign out of Netflix” to log out from the website. This will make you sign out of the Netflix website and let you return to the login page.
  3. After that you will need to select “Your Account” if you are trying to log out from everywhere. You can easily use your account page to log out of all devices and computers in which you are currently signed in. This can also be very useful if you forgot to sign out from a public computer or from a friend’s house:
  • So you will have to click the “Sign out of all devices” in the “Settings” section of Your own account page. After confirming this, all of your connected devices will be signed out specifically.
  1. After that you will need to clear your cookies and cache if you can’t sign out. If you are clicking the “Sign Out” option and if you are still logged in with your Netflix account, there must be some problem with your cookies or cache. By clearing both of these should make you logout of Netflix completely.
  • Then you will need to clear Your Browser’s Cookies for information on clearing cookies from your browser.
  • After that you will have to Clear Your Browser’s Cache for some instructions when clearing your browser cache.

How To Sign Out Of Netflix App

To log out of Netflix from all the devices, you must log in on a web browser — this option is not commonly available on all of the mobile apps.

  1. First of all log into Netflix on any browser of your choice.
  2. After that, in the dropdown menu on the right side of the screen, then select the “Account” option.
  3. After that under “Settings,” and then select “Sign out of all devices.”
  4. After that, on the next page, make sure to select the “Sign Out” button to make sure all devices will be logged out. It may take up at least eight hours to take effect, and will also impact all profiles on the Netflix account.
  5. When you have selected “Sign Out,” you may be directly taken to the Netflix homepage where you will have to use your credentials to sign in again to the netflix.

How can you log out of Netflix by using a mobile device

  1. You will need to launch the Netflix app on your smartphone.
  2. After that, in the lower right corner, then select the “More” icon.
  3. After that, at the bottom of the screen, and then select “Sign Out.”
  4. After that, in the pop-up window, You will need to select “Yes” to sign out of the app.


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